Luxiam Chiropractic's mission is to serve and empower the community with insights and strategies to elevate health and expand human potential! As a Chiropractor, it is through the adjustment of the spine that Dr. Shain helps to facilitate the body’s natural ability to self-heal and regulate for full expression of health! Dr. Shain provides gentle and specific chiropractic care to enhance natural health and wellness through restoring function to the body and removing nerve interference so that the body can heal naturally.

Dr. Shain prides himself in providing an exceptional Chiropractic experience for the entire family. Before applying any Chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Shain and his team perform a thorough examination of the spine and nerve system including; one on one health history and consultation, spinal thermography, spinal EMG, heart rate variability, bio-structural examination, and digital X-Rays. The thorough examination is vital in determining the ideal course of action to help his patients achieve their health goals and expand their individual potential.

What is LUXIAM?

Dr. Shain’s philosophy is based on the science of human physiology and understanding how healing and life expression are manifested.

Our bodies are intelligent! That intelligence courses through our nervous system through electrical impulses.

Luxiam is the light that is the intelligence that allows your body to express LIFE.

Light is Yehue in action. Light reveals. Light allows growth. Light transforms that which it shines on. Life is measured by the electricity that flows through our body. This life Force travels through your nerve System.

Regain your health and feel great in your body!

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